Empowerment Can
Change the World

"I am a woman with thoughts and questions and shit to say.
I say if I'm beautiful. I say if I'm strong. You will not determine
my story—I will."
Amy Schumer


The growth of global empowerment in every aspect and territory always had a direct involvement of women. They have ever played a significant role in the advancement of civilization. Throughout history, women have shown a tenacious mind, a resilient heart, and audacious willpower to emerge victorious in the harshest situations.

Women’s capability to overcome poverty, injustice, shock, and mistreatment is directly responsible for the flourishing of economic and socio-political scenarios. When it comes to achieving a goal, women have always shown their remarkable dedication, focus, and intensity that left a thorough impression in the world. When they realize their aims, whether those being an entrepreneur, the duties towards the family, or investment in education and career, they have always proved to be the pivotal being in everything.

Yet, despite all their efforts, their contribution to these developments has never been considered in an equal platform with that of men. Women continue to be the victim of patriarchal society. Starting with the wage gap, sexual harassment, women’s treatment as objects to the refusal of property ownership, financial independence, and personal choice – they did not cease to exist. They are denied having their own identity and forced to live under male domination.

Due to these several reasons, the members of Dream Lighter formed an organization that reaches out to the women, addresses their issues, helps them overcome the obstacles, and supports them in improving their lives. The objective of Dream Lighter’s Women of Wonders (WoW) program thrives on bringing out women’s talents and skills, their independent value and provides access to various economic resources. It also targets to demarcate the gender-biased problems. Here, women are encouraged to have confidence over themselves, build their future, and establish a community to connect and grow.

All women worldwide are inspired to join this organization and be a part of this delightful and revolutionary program. This program intends to create a better place for women not just to survive but also to live.

Women of Wonders (WoW)

Investing in women’s economic empowerment forms a direct path towards gender equality, poverty eradication, and economic growth, precisely what WoW (Women of Wonders) by Dream Lighter global organization has pledged to provide. There are countless reasons behind this initiative; however, the chances are very exclusive to bring these women forward without your help! To give the women of our society the richness of education and self-independence is the ultimate objective of WoW. This women’s empowerment program promotes skills building, self-esteem, permit to information & resources, and community action that put women in the position of confident decision-makers and authorities in their homes and communities.

Currently, the organization is working on the following locations – in Asia, the countries are India, Bangladesh and Nepal. Outside, some parts of Africa and in USA, New York. In the future, the team shall strive to expand the program over many other territories.

The program’s precise forging is to diminish the margin of the wage gap, sexual harassment, and women’s treatment as objects, denial of property ownership, domestic violence, financial independence, and many other things. With the assistance, members of this program gain public speaking ability and leadership experience, cultivating a greater sense of individuality within the group.

Globally, the WoW program wants to create a massive opportunity for less fortunate women in different scenarios. Through this endeavor, women would become more aware of maternal and health of child sanitation manners, which will make an enormous impact on their futures. Not only health care issues but women who want to change their situation and make a living for themselves, WoW is here to help.

Not a single country that is ignorant about women & children’s wellbeing is socio-economically empowered. Women have always been the pillar of strength & resilience, and plenty of instances show that economically empowered women in leadership roles can change the communities forever.

To conduct this program gracefully, the Dream Lighter global organization requests everyone, irrespective of gender, to come forward and unite from all over the globe. It doesn’t matter how you’re helping, but the fact you are helping these women who need it. This program’s only and pure intention is to create a better place for women to live a healthy and respectful life.

However, women worldwide are encouraged to join our philanthropic network and be a part of the family. Together, the goal is to empower, grow, and spread love.

Our Women Empowerment Activities