USA COVID-19 Cases Live Update

N/A 33,715,951 Total
N/A 600,147 (1.8%) Deaths
N/A 27,136,020 (80.5%) Recovered
17 May 2021, 4:40 AM (GMT)

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Dream Lighter is a non-profit organization that is working tirelessly towards the cause of the COVID-19 outbreak. Since March 2020, we have been exhaustively procuring and delivering different means of protective gear and medications required by critical care patients all across New York.

Over the past six months, we have successfully distributed over millions of N-95 masks and disposable gloves. We have free services for the medically critical families. We also extend our assistance to healthcare workers and COVID-fighters with isolation gowns, head cover, shoe covers, etc.

We are coordinating with Government Authorities regarding public health to reach out to the maximum health workers and ailing patients. The aim is to provide them all with the requisite Coronavirus protective equipment support.

Dream Lighter’s Response to COVID-19

With the significant outbreak of the Coronavirus Pandemic in the USA, Dream Lighter is scaling up their protective support by increasing protective gear distribution. Dream Lighter is focusing sharply on these 7 points as part of our relief activities in different New York areas. 

  1. Providing health workers in hospitals and other places with Protective Suits or PPE Kits
  2. Assisting the locals with COVID-19 test support 
  3. Providing needy citizens or people in critical care with proper medical and protective aids like disposable, gloves, isolation gowns, head, and shoe covers, N-95 Mask, hand sanitizer, and more
  4. Addressing the prevailing health gaps, that might grow chronic to the situation, with booster support to change it into a safety zone
  5. Aiding the families of people suffering from Coronavirus outbreak with grocery and other support
  6. Working in alliance with tech companies, public health care organizations, and epidemiologists to analyze the COVID-19 outbreak data and help with a proper response.
  7. Extending exceptional Pandemic support to the senior citizens by providing with groceries, protective Suits, and more.

Protective Gear Support by Dream Lighter

Of all the Pandemic measures taken by Dream Lighter COVID Care team, the primary one is providing protective gear to health care workers, critical care patients, and their families. Here is the list of all items we are sharing currently-

  • PPE suits
  • Disposable Gloves
  • N-95 Mask
  • Disposable isolation gowns
  • Disposable head cap
  • Disposable cover for the shoes
  • Hand sanitizer
  • 1000 pieces of mini alcohol wet pads or wipes
  • Alcohol-based antiseptic wet wipes

COVID-19 Support to the Health Workers

Since the outbreak of the Global Pandemic Coronavirus, we have meticulously maintained stockpile for emergencies. In times of unforeseen medical cases, we can immediately support the health workers with all essential supplies. The support will help in delaying the effects of the emergency on health.

Dream Lighters have thoroughly observed the COVID-19 outbreak cased in China and other parts of the world and prepared our stocks accordingly. We have created a reserve stock of all protective equipment like PPE and sanitizer. Under any situation, we are fully ready to support all new cases arising in New York.

Since the outbreak, we have reached out to different corners of New York, from Manhattan to Brooklyn, and supplied health workers with all essential medical support.

Dream Lighter Support to the Senior Citizens

As per WHO’s directives, the senior citizens are more prone to face Coronavirus’ wrath anytime. Caring for them has never been more critical. We understand that to avoid this health hazard, the seniors need to stay indoors. Otherwise, they are likely to get contaminated with the disease. 

To aid this situation, Dream Lighter has gone a step ahead. Older people often need to leave their homes to purchase their daily medicines, groceries, and other essentials. But now, they can let us take care of their necessities.

We provide free home delivery of medication, toiletries, and groceries to these people, along with our other COVID fighting support. The aim is to give maximum facilities without the seniors leaving their homes.

Reinstating the Capacity of Critical Care Units

With the COVID-19 outbreak spreading like wildfire in entire America, shortage of ICU and medical facilities was likely to occur. Dream Lighters studied the situation in China from the beginning. We prepared ourselves to fight such cases.

We kept our stockpile of all the necessary medication, PPE suits, and other protective measures to treat the ICU units’ COVID patients.

Our team was always on their toes to support the medical practitioners so that there was no delay in treatment.

We have also received substantial aid from medical companies and manufacturers. They have helped us to reach out to the facilities in the hotspot zones. The gravity of the situation in each of these places was apparent from the assessment of data. We had acted upon based on our data assessment.

Community Health Support

Dream Lighters have devoted their time to community health, especially for financially deprived people who couldn’t afford the medication for COVID treatment or prevention. 

The threat these people are facing is not from the Pandemic alone. Owing to the lack of bed availabilities in hospitals, these people are also becoming victim to other medical situations like hypertension, asthma, and diabetes. These chronic diseases, without proper treatment, can lead to acute conditions.

We have extended special aid to relieve them from those miseries, providing them with all the chronic medical supplies. Our non-profit organization is embracing all the unguarded communities of America with complete essential support. We have our special Community Fund to care for those situations.


Our primary focus had been thoroughly on protection from the COVID-19 outbreak and also caring for the chronic cases. Our team worked tirelessly to disburse these aids to Midtown and Uptown Manhattan, South Asia, Indian, and Jackson Heights Neighborhood in Queens, Bushwick, and other Brooklyn areas. Even areas of the Bronx and Staten Island.

The outbreak of the Coronavirus Pandemic in 2020, the world has been shaken to its core. There is always a shortage of medical aid and protective gear everywhere. The disease now poses a severe threat to humanity. Even patients of chronic diseases are not getting the necessary assistance around.

Dream Lighter has been extending as much as support as possible in every corner of New York since 2020. We have received help from other non-profit organizations, medical authorities, and more. We have successfully curated the needy with PPE, sanitizer, and other COVID protective gear with the funding.

With the passing days, we are getting support from more enthusiastic people from different areas. We request you to take a step forward and join us in our fight against COVID-19. Let’s join hands for the cause of humanity and out throw this disease from our society.