California Wildfire Relief

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Wildfire Response in a Brief

The Department of Forestry, California declared the 2020 Wildfire as the largest wildfire season ever witnessed in California. The thunderstorms between 16th and 17th August affected California badly and led to the outbreak of 7,718 fires throughout the state.

This fire has already destroyed thousands of acres of land, burned down houses, and polluted the air. Hundreds of men have been evacuated from the affected areas. Men are now homeless in evacuation centers due to this sudden condition.

Relief work, firefighting is already on their way to support these people. New distress funds have been created to cope up with the expenses of firefighting and emergency evacuation. Volunteers and non-profit Organizations like the Dream Lighters are working tirelessly to provide these people with daily essentials, food, medicines, water, and trauma support.

The fund created to support the wildfire victims of California will be kept open for a longer duration. Our team members are monitoring the severity and location of the fire. We will render our services in places of need based on the fluctuation of fire intensity.

Donations collected under the banner of California Wildfire will be allocated exclusively for the cause of this devastation.

Challenge faced during Wildfire response

Experts marked 2020 as the historic for wildfire in California. This year has witnessed the highest heatwave in a decade and the wildfire happening since August is so far the largest one.

The data collected by the government officials on 11th September indicated a series of active wildfires across the State of California. Thousands of fires simultaneously burned away about 3,354, 234 acres of land, i.e., nearly 3% of the area of California. Over 100,000 residents of the affected area have been displaced.

The number of victims is too high and reaching them with aid is a challenge. As the wildfire coincided with the COVID-19, it gave rise to a new set of troubles.

Under the quarantine circumstances, even the responders find it challenging to reach out to the victims. After the mass evacuation from burning flames, the sufferers are now staying in shelter areas. The chances of the infection spreading are relatively high here, as there is no social distancing scope. This is truly the biggest threat we are facing currently.

Emergency Assistance for the victims of the natural catastrophe

The Dream Lights are always providing emergency aid to the victims of natural catastrophes as the wildfire. We are working towards the welfare of people who got injured or lost their homes to the merciless flames of California.

We have launched a special SAVE gift card for victims of any natural disaster. We will hand over these cards to the frontline firefighters in the area who are licensed to hand these over to the distressed directly. Each voucher is worth $250, and the coupon owner can buy essentials like food, medicines, protective gear, toiletries, and others from the evacuation camps.

The hazardous effects of the fire on people's health

The wildfire has not only burnt down houses and lands. Many people have faced grave injuries and burns while they tried to escape the flames. There are other damages to the environment as well.

Over 6,000 buildings have been destroyed so far, leading to casualties in the areas. Almost 30 men died, as they couldn’t leave in time.

But the situation is getting worse. The high amount of smoke, dust, and carbon dioxide in the air leads to severe respiratory troubles for the residents nearby. Many are suffering from Asthma.

We have come across cases where patients of chronic diseases like diabetes, kidney problems, or hypertension forgot their regular medicines in the haste of fleeing. Their supply of daily medication is now at stake, leading to the rise of medical emergencies in the shelter.

Apart from respiratory issues, there are high chances of contaminating other infections. In 2020, the Coronavirus poses a major threat. But overcrowding can lead to other contagious diseases as well.

Accommodation problems are turning out to fatal for many homeless people in California.

Solutions for California Wildfire victims

The fund created by the Dream Lighters will be entirely used for the recovery and relief of the California wildfire catastrophe. The fund’s initial disbursement will go to the responders catering to men’s immediate needs, i.e., food and shelter. Apart from that, the fund money will help people in the shelter camp with medicines, toiletries, and protective gear.

The second phase of the relief fund is dedicated to a long-term project for recovery. The money will go to the local volunteers and charitable organizations who step forward to fight the situation.

The next phase of the fund goes to the affected and needy communities in the area, to provide them with their necessities.

Long-term relief project for Wildfire victims

In a short period, thousands of fire broke in the State of California, affecting hundreds of lives. The effects of the disaster are significant and long-lasting. Hence, Dream Lighters formed its Long-term Wildfire Relief Project to provide mankind with various support.

The initial recovery work will fund the needy communities for food and shelter and other emergencies. But there will be a long-term fund for complete recovery of the situation.

New funds have been created; new strategies were taken to release the fund appropriately. First, the essential support will go the needy people, and then our charitable trust will work to redevelop the areas. Our long-term project will be aiding the sufferers with materials to reconstruct their houses or cope with the loss in some other way.

If you are one of our donors, we will be providing you with a detailed report of our wildfire relief work. You can check for yourself how the fund allocation happened and how it helped the common people to fight the dual impact of wildfire and the Coronavirus.

Support needed for wildfire relief

The Dream lighters are extending their support to the casualties of the California wildfire. We are providing them with daily food and essentials and also aiming for a long-term recovery project.

We need more support to win this situation. Join hands with us to hasten the recovery process. Donate to aid the needy today. Volunteers are welcome to join the relief team and work for the well-being of the affected area residents.